Big Oak Ranch

It wasn’t too long ago that Clint Johnston (COO of Tower Homes) played on the same football team as Brodie Croyle (son of the beloved John and Tee Croyle of Big Oak Ranch). It wasn’t just any football team either! Clint and Brodie were teammates together on The University of Alabama’s famous football team!

Years later, Brodie now runs the Big Oak Girls’ Ranch, while Clint keeps all construction projects up and running here at Tower Homes. These two amazing men have once again come together for a major win… this time for a Championship Cause! Their teamwork has led to a win bigger and of more importance than any game they won during their time with the Crimson Tide. This summer, Tower Homes was able to build a beautiful home for a family of 11 at the Girls Ranch—a home for a couple, Jae and Amy, and their 9 daughters. It has been a miracle and blessing to be a partner with Brodie and the Ranch, and to watch how God can and will use friendships, talents and willing hands for his glory!

Here at Tower, we regard the work and ministry of Big Oak Ranch with the highest respect. It would be hard to find a more Christ-centered charity and expression of God’s heart than what John and Tee Croyle have dedicated their lives and family to here in Alabama. The best way to explain their family is TRUE LOVE. God’s love. A model of selflessness and acceptance. For over forty years, the Croyles have faithfully and willingly watched the Lord grow Big Oak Ranch around the idea that abused, neglected or abandoned children, when given a chance, can grow strong in God’s love to lead normal, productive lives. John and Tee know that with the Lord as their source and provider, they can give children a chance at a wonderful life in an environment of love, security and safety.

Since opening its doors in 1974, the Ranch has been home to over 2,000 children. The Croyles now have 19 homes, a school for 650 kids, and an atmosphere where children grow up knowing they have a place to belong and a family who loves them. Big Oak Ranch is transforming lives every day.

“The commitment we make to the children placed in our care is love. We promise to take care of them. To feed, clothe and shelter them. But more importantly, we give them a chance at a new way of life, a life that is different from the cycle of pain they have known. We make 4 promises to every child that comes to us… I love you. I’ll never lie to you. I’ll stick with you until you’re grown. There are boundaries, don’t cross them. From that foundation, we raise every child to know God’s love.” –John Croyle

We, at Tower Homes, are honored to partner with Big Oak Ranch’s mission to relieve the suffering of children and give every child a chance at a great life. When any Tower home is sold, a portion of our selling price is given to Big Oak Ranch to support the incredible, Kingdom-building work they are doing daily. Tower looks forward to supporting Big Oak and the Croyle family for many years to come!


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