Customize your new home with Tower Homes

July 21, 2016

Are you wondering if you can customize your new home and design it the way you like it? Yes you can with Tower Homes! When you choose Tower as your Birmingham new home builder, you will get to customize your home in our state-of-the-art Design Center with our fabulous Interior Designer, Erin. Watch our video testimonial featuring our homeowner Brenda from Rosser Farms and find out more on how she customized her new home and what made the building process with Tower Homes so easy.

FZ: How long have you been in your Tower home?

Brenda: I have been here almost five months and I’m still delighted with my new home from Tower Homes!

FZ: What made you decide to build a Tower home?

Brenda: I wanted to build one story home in McCalla area, so I can be closer to my family. I was driving around the neighborhoods until I found Rosser Farms! I fell in love with the Tower Homes’s model home. I gave the agent from Tower Homes a long wish list of the features, that were important to me.

The agent communicated my wishes to the homebuilder in Tower Homes and the builder was very happy to accommodate all the needs I had for my new home.

I did my research before I signed the contract with Tower Homes. I received great references from the people who recommended Tower Homes to me. I knew I was dealing with a reputable company. Also, seeing the quality of the construction of the Tower homes helped me seal my decision about building my new home with them.

FZ: Can you describe the building process? Were Tower Homes able to meet all your needs?

Brenda: Yes. Everybody from Tower team was very nice. I came up with some last minute changes and the builder was able to accommodate them. They also informed me about the cost of the upgrades, so I could make my decision. Some of my ideas raised up couple of eyebrows, but at the end of the building process, even the Tower upper staff, who came to see my home, was very pleased how everything turned out.

FZ: How was your experience with Tower team after the close, when you moved in to your new home?

Brenda: Everybody from Tower Homes was just wonderful.

After I moved in I had a concern about my air condition making a noise, nothing major. I called Tower Homes and two days later their Project Manager Stanley came and fixed it for me. Even now when I need small things to be repaired in my home he takes care of it. That’s something you can’t buy anywhere else! I had a great experience with everybody I met in Tower Homes! I’m very pleased with my new home. I’m glad to call Rosser Farms my place – my neighborhood.

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