First Time Homeowners Purchase a Lovely Home in Oxmoor Village

December 5, 2019

Join Tower Homes for an interview with First Time Homeowners Josh and Nicki about their lovely home in Oxmoor Village

Q: Please introduce yourselves.
Josh: I’m Josh.
Nikki: And I’m Nikki. We’re first-time home buyers and we bought our lovely new home in Oxmoor Village.

Q: Why did you choose Tower Homes?
Nikki: Well we were driving around looking for our new home. We happened to drive by Oxmoor Village and it just caught our eye. It’s a beautiful neighborhood, it’s a great location. We went into the office to see what they had available and we met our wonderful Realtor Rachael. It just kinda’ went from there!

Q: What do you like about the community?
Josh: I love the community, I love the quality of the homes. I love the peace of coming home to a great home, knowing that it’s quality built, and being
Nikki: the community.

Q: How easy was the whole process?
Nikki: It was a lot easier than we expected. I know that purchasing a home is one of the biggest stressors life and this went so comfortably easy, from point A to point B, all the way through the warranty walk, to the closing table.

Q: What do you love about your home?
Josh: I love the quality of the build. From top to bottom it has some of the best structural devices, some of the best construction you can have in the market.

Q: Would you recommend Tower Homes to your family and friends?
Nikki: I absolutely would recommend them to everyone. From the quality of the home to the entire staff, it’s definitely my go-to to suggest to anyone in the Birmingham area.

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