Great Value in my Tower home

Join us for this video testimonial and find out what one of our new homebuyers from Rosser Farms has to say about the great value in her new home. At Tower Homes we know that the home buying process can be overwhelming for some people, that’s why we strive to make the buying a new Tower home easy.

Freida: Candy, How long have you lived in your Tower home?

Candy: About ten months. I moved here from Kentucky last October.

Freida: Welcome to Alabama! We are glad to have you in Rosser Farms!

FZ: What made you decide to buy a Tower home?

Candy: I liked the value of the Tower homes. I had recently built a new home in Kentucky, so when I started to look for a new home around Birmingham I just really appreciated the great value in these McCalla homes.

Freida: Tower homes are the great value. We appreciate you saying that!

-What are your favorite things about your new home?

Candy: I love the open floor plan of my home. I can be in the kitchen and still see what is going on the living room. I like the open concept my Tower home is offering.

Freida: How would you describe the buying process with Tower Homes?

Candy: I loved my Tower Homes’s agent Freida Zamiatala! She was very patient with me, she took her time with me and we even became friends throughout the buying process.

The closing was very easy to do. It didn’t take a long time. The owner of Tower Homes Price Hightower was really nice, the lawyers were very nice. Being a widow and buying a home on my own I really appreciate the way the Tower Homes team treated me.