We love Brooke’s Crossing community in Trussville

July 15, 2016

In Tower Homes we thrive to provide red carpet customer care. The relationship with our home-buyers doesn’t end when we hand them the keys to their new home. We continue to maintain the long-lasting relationship to ensure that our homes meet all our customer’s needs and expectations. Last week Tower Homes’s agent Matthew Calhoun met with Brooke’s Crossing home-owners Hamilton’s and ask them to describe their new home in Brooke’s Crossing.

MC: How long did you live in Brooke’s Crossing?

Miss Hamilton: Since November of 2015, so almost a year.

MC: “Is there a feature you like the most about a home you live in?”

Miss Hamilton: “I personally like the open floor plan, that we have chosen. It’s where everybody can be together and entertain together. I really like that.

Mr. Hamilton: “The garden tub is my favorite!”

MC: What made you decide to buy Tower Home?

Miss Hamilton: “I like the style of architecture in the community where and it’s location. I love Trussville because I was born and raised here, I wanted to stay in the community and Brooke’s Crossing gave me that possibility. These are gorgeous homes and it is a gated community. “

Mr. Hamilton: “The fact is we must have looked at hundreds of homes before we choose Brooke’s Crossing. We drove all over the place looking at various subdivisions. This wasn’t one of the communities where it looks like everything was sterilized. They have trees here, little stream out back and even my flock of geese to watch, so that’s one of the reasons why I like it here.”

MC: “Very nice, so you both would say that overall Brooke’s Crossing was one of the top communities you looked at for multiple reasons including the location and the sense of community?”

Miss Hamilton: “It’s a diverse community and everyone in Brooke’s Crossing is so friendly.”

Mr. Hamilton: “Everyone from the Tower Homes team was so nice and friendly! Our agent helped us choose the floor plan we love, and helped us find the mortgage broker.”

MC: “What would you say about the construction process through out building the Tower Home?”

Miss Hamilton: “I have been most impressed! Tower Homes is a wonderful company! Everyone was very informative and helpful, even the construction workers were very nice. The construction super intendants Cary and Stanley were above and beyond to try to accommodate us and help us. They were just wonderful!”

MC: “Thank you so much for your time. Enjoy your new Tower Home in Brooke’s Crossing in Trussville”

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