Older Homes vs New Construction Homes in Irondale!

August 26, 2016

Before you buy that Birmingham fixer-upper you’re currently considering, we think you need to watch this video testimonial. Next, we invite you to come see the new construction homes in Irondale that we have available in Montevallo Park. Join Tower Homes Realtor Matthew Lepore as he chats with one of our newer homeowners. Learn more about how and why buying a new construction home can really pay off vs. all the things you’ll probably have to spend money on while updating an older home.

Matthew:  Thank you for joining us to talk about your new home in Montevallo Park.  You have lived in the community for a few months. What are the dynamics of your family and how do you like your new Tower home?

Adam: We are a young family with small children and this is our very first time buying a new home. We absolutely love our new home in Montevallo Park.

Matthew: What other neighborhoods did you visit before Montevallo Park?

Adam: Originally we were planning to buy an older home with lots of character. So we were looking at homes in the Crestwood area, Avondale, Green Springs.

Matthew: So what was the deciding factor to buy in Montevallo Park?

Adam:  We originally wanted an older home. We were watching the renovations on HGTV, so we knew how beautifully the renovations can turn out. We also wanted a home we could make our own. We put several offers on a few homes. Each older home we considered needed some work; new roof, new A.C. unit, floors, the list went on and on… we quickly realized how expensive, time-consuming and frustrating the renovation process can be. It has been quite a learning curve for us. With a second child on the way, we realized that financially it would make more sense to buy a new construction. Our Realtor took us to Montevallo Park and we fell in love with these new Craftsman style homes! Everything is new so it will last for years to come and we do not have to worry about constantly spending money and time on repairs.

Matthew: How would you describe the home-buying process with Tower Homes?

Adam: The communication with a Tower team was awesome! The agents from Tower Homes: Sandy and Matthew were very responsive to all our questions. We were able to come by and see our new home as many times as we wanted prior the purchase. If we had any concern or question, the Tower team responded to our emails within a day.

Matthew:   What is your favorite feature of your new home?

Adam: We absolutely love an open floor plan. We can all interact together. And there is a plenty of space for everybody.

Matthew: So when you are not inside of your home, what do you like to do outside of Montevallo Park?

Adam: I like to jog in the neighborhood. We are also very close to our Church, (Church Of The Highlands), and my work in Mountain Brook. So we enjoy an easy commute! We like to eat out in nearby places like Avondale, Carrigan’s, in Downtown Birmingham. We have an easy access to everything exciting and vibrant in Birmingham.








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