The New Tower Homes Design Studio – Your Gateway to Perfection!

June 30, 2021
The meeting table in the Tower Homes Design Center

When you build a new home with Tower Homes, you’re laying the foundation for a life to love in the years to come. Creating the perfect place to put down roots includes finding the best location in Birmingham, but it also means creating a unique design that exactly fits your personal style. That’s just what you can do in our new Design Studio, a top-of-the-line showroom full of finishes, fixtures, and options to choose from in your new home. Discover what it feels like to create your ideal space, read on to learn about the new Tower Homes Design Studio.

Preparation for Perfection

Finding a place for your home is the first step! Once you discover a neighborhood and floor plan that fits the life you’re dreaming of, you’re well on your way. As soon as the purchase agreement is finalized and the paperwork is signed, we’ll start preparing for your Design appointment.

a hallway with design options in a Tower Homes home

This is when you get to prepare too! Take a look at your desired floor plan on our website, and look through our photo gallery for inspiration. Outside inspiration is also welcome, and with some ideas of what you’re looking for our Design Studio team will be able to tell you exactly what is possible during your appointment.

Putting the list of big ideas aside, be sure to think of and write down a few important questions, too – we’ll gladly answer any questions you have about the process, finishes, materials, and more. Then, it’s time for the big show – your appointment at the Design Studio.

tiles in the Tower Homes Design Studio

See it All in Person

The beauty of our Design Studio is seeing all of those gorgeous options up-close and in person. But first, we’ll talk about the big additions – extra rooms, feature changes, porch options, and anything to do with layout. This is the perfect place to ask your questions about the floor plan itself.

Then, when we get up from the meeting table, you can tour the whole Design Studio with the assistance of our amazing interior design team. Feel the coolness of the tiles that will become your backsplash, experience the movement of the faucet you’ll center your kitchen activities around, and pick the colors that will become the backdrop to your life.

Tower Homes Design Studio kitchen vignette

Make your choices in total confidence with the help of our experienced designers, leaving no question unanswered or possibility unexplored.

And then, when your visit is finished, rest easy (or excited), knowing that you made the best choices and created a perfect space for life to unfold. We work to make every experience in the Design Studio truly special – but it’s all to ensure that your home is as stunning as you imagine it can be. It wouldn’t be home without your vision, and in the Tower Homes Design Studio, we bring it to life.

bedroom style for life in a Birmingham home

The Experience of a Lifetime – And a Style for Life

This experience can be yours, and you can create the home of your dreams. Our Design Studio is just one special step in an incredible process. Take a look at where we build around Birmingham to start on your journey. You’ll find that a beautiful home and a wonderful life are waiting in a Tower Homes neighborhood.

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