Best Tips for Celebrating Springtime Traditions at Home

April 15, 2024

April is a month that celebrates new beginnings, springtime traditions, and unique environmental phenomenons (Did you see this week’s total solar eclipse?). This time provides a perfect opportunity to mark the shift in the season and invite the renewing energy of spring into your new home. You can do a few things to prepare your house for the warmer months ahead, from updating interior decor, adding more light features, and refreshing houseplants. Check out these great ideas from Tower Homes to celebrate springtime traditions at home!

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Use Plants to Represent Spring Growth & Renewal

Spring is ideal for giving your exterior garden and houseplants extra love and attention. Since April showers do indeed bring May flowers, your seeds could use the extra rainfall to coax them out of their shells and start breathing above ground. Walk around your home and complete an inventory of your space to decide which plants will grow best in your house and landscaping. Orchids, peace lilies, hibiscus, and birds of paradise are flowering plants that grow well indoors during this time of year and can bring a colorful spark.

Orchid: Thrives in the shade, only needs water once a week, air-purifying qualities
Peace Lily: Medium to low light, needs to be watered only when the top of the soil is dry, air-purifying qualities
Hibiscus: Loves direct sunlight, water at least once a day, can be grown both indoors and outdoors
Bird of Paradise: Can prosper in a sunny or low light spot, fertilize often in spring, needs to be watered only when the top of the soil is dry

mirror reflection decor optical allusion ©Darya Komarova

Add More Light to Create a Cohesive & Welcoming Space

Natural light enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home by highlighting architectural fixtures, colors, and textures. A brightly painted room, for example, is magnified when sunshine reflects off the walls and furniture, casting a rich glow in the space. Now that spring has increased daylight hours, you and your family have more time to enjoy the sun’s warm rays indoors.

Installing new lighting features inside your home will help to illuminate and upgrade different areas. Consider switching out an overhead lighting fixture or adding candles around the room to create a comforting aesthetic. You can play on the elements of light and space by adding a mirror to a specific room. The reflection will allow the space to look larger, creating a clever optical allusion that interior designers have used for decades.

Cleaning Your Home ©r.classen

Cleanse Your Home for a Renewed & Clean Look

Spring brings a chance to wash away the darker half of the year and cleanse our living space. Many people focus on the accessible areas of the home, like countertops, floors, and appliances, but don’t forget to wash hard-to-reach areas such as windows, curtains, floorboards, and wall panels. When you focus on cleaning those tricky spots, your home will look even brighter and more tidy.

Speaking of tidying up, declutter each room, cabinet, and closet this season. This spring cleaning ritual has been done for centuries and signifies letting go of the old to embrace the new! Donation centers, thrift stores, and online resale shops are great ways to repurpose gently used items like clothing, accessories, and furniture.

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As we continue enjoying all this season has to offer, now is the time to prepare your home to embrace these changes, too! Contact a Tower Homes agent to learn more about the homes available in our new construction Birmingham community, The Grand. This year, let us help you celebrate springtime traditions in your dream home!

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