Price Hightower – Meet The Builder

Price Hightower began Tower Homes as the builder with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Twenty-seven years later, his integrity, determination and vision to be the best home builders in the state of Alabama has led to over 1,000 new homes sold and a matchless home buying experience. From land development to commercial building to residential construction, his goal has always been to build “WOW!”.

Tower Homes has learned how to construct the best houses around while making home ownership easy for you! Price believes a home is where your story begins. His commitment to his home life, family and faith have been integral parts of his success in the building industry. His superior reputation has led him to become one of the Top 5 Largest Home Builders in Birmingham, as well as one of 16 Graduate Master Builders in Alabama. Price is a life long resident of Birmingham and seeks to make the city an even better place for families to call home. Tower’s homes and communities reflect his faithful dedication to excellence and building the “BEST” house on the market.

At Tower Homes, building new construction homes is part of what makes us smile. We are genuinely excited for what lays ahead for our buyers when they are able to build and move into a brand new home. The care we take each day to make that reality as smooth as possible is a reflect of what Price Hightower set out to do when he founded this homebuilder. We’ve helped buyers all over Birmingham with a quality place to call home.

Each Tower project is a reflection of Price Hightower’s diligent work ethic, well-planned designs, and choice of highest quality materials. Price Hightower and our team of employees is excited to help you build your new home!




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