Customize Your Home

When you choose Tower, you will get to customize your new construction home in our state-of-the-art Design Center. Choose from thousands of features that will shape the style and feel of each square foot of your new space. Tower Homes’ Interior Designer will guide you through the many options you have to choose from, as well as help you make selections for each room.

A World of Choices

When you customize with Tower Homes, you’re not limited to a handful of countertop options and cabinet colors. We have a wide variety of materials, finishes, and other design details in our Design Center so you can customize your new Birmingham home to match your tastes perfectly. It all starts with your Design Center appointment, where you get to show our interior designer some photos of your ideal space, or just chat with them to get an idea of what you’re looking for.

Our designer will walk you through all of your options, and you can get some hands-on experience with the materials you could have in your home! Discover just how smooth those gorgeous quartz countertops will feel. See firsthand how the light bounces off of each flooring option. And, explore fixtures from the ceiling to the sink. Once you’re satisfied with your choices, we can get started building them into your new construction home – and you can enjoy the anticipation of a home that’s truly your own.

Photos from the Tower Homes Design Center

Hand select your fixtures, flooring, colors, lighting packages and much more during your design appointments. We build for you! We also love watching your dream home come to life in our Design Center!

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Erin Barrow- our Interior Designer will help you customize your new Tower home!

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Clint Johnston, COO Tower Homes talks about customizing your new home

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